Tailored Service for Builders

At Guido we pride ourselves on being there for our builders before and after the sale which is why we feel the best ability is availability. Guido has been here for nearly 90 years simply because service is our bread and butter. We also understand the importance of budgets and will work to get you the best value whether its a Lumber package, a window order for a new home or a door for a re-model. We are happy to help you along with way with Lumber take-offs, windows quotes and implementing doors that will make the owners proud to showoff their home!


Lumber estimating

Got a new plan? Give us a call and we can help put together the list of material required to frame it. We have estimators on hand that focus on take-offs every day. We provide computerized framing layouts that get shipped with the lumber so framers know exactly how to structure the frame of the house.



Building in the city often has its hurdles. One of those hurdles is making sure your structure is sound. We can help with that. If you have a plan that needs to be engineered we have the contacts to make that happen in full detailed designs.


custom windows and doors

Guido is the first and only stop for builders when it comes to lumber, windows and doors. Send us the plan and specs, then sit back and wait for the quotes. With our product mix we can help builders of all kinds find exactly what they are looking for,