Custom Casings & Mouldings 

Custom casings, mouldings, and millwork can transform a room from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY !

Guido Materials also offers an end-to-end millwork service, allowing us to be a one stop shop for any customer. We provide products from the beginning to the end of a new project with a single point of contact to answer questions, assist with measurements, place orders, schedule installs, and provide guidance.

From stock casings and baseboards to custom crown mouldings and historic matching; we pride ourselves on being a great value to all builders and home owners. We strive to be the go to resource for quality, custom, and affordable building products and quality service.

Where to Use Moulding

General Purpose (Corner Moulding, Lattice, Screen Bead): From adding function to an entryway to updating an office with shelving, moulding and trim dramatically increase the visual appeal and subsequent value of your home. Use additional moulding and trim elements to create a customized look and feel.

Wall and Ceiling (Chair Rail, Crown Moulding and Panel Moulding): Softens the transition from wall to ceiling with crown mouldings, while adding charm and a luxurious feel to any room. Panel moulding is ideal for creating wall frames that can be dressed up with wallpaper or fabric. The right moulding transforms a room - schedule a no-obligation appointment with our experts for advice on the right product for your space.

Floor (Baseboard, Base Shoe, Base Cap): These moulding elements are essential for covering gaps between floor boards or carpeted edges and adjoining walls. A great baseboard and supporting trim element provides a smooth transition from the wall to the floor, guiding you seamlessly from room to room.

Door and Window (Casing, Architraves): When walking into a home, one of the first things people notice are the doors and windows. Give them a perfect view with the use of great moulding and trim elements. Focal areas, like entryways, can establish the foundation for the overall style and décor of the entire home.

Moulding Types

Primary trim is used in most installations and includes baseboards, casings, and crown mouldings. Historically it is the most functional trim since it covers the gaps between two areas, but it can also be highly decorative, setting the style and tone of the room.

Design-enhancing trim such as chair rail, panel moulding, and architraves, add an extra dimension and style to any room. Walls and entryways with these extra touches stand out for guests to you residents, prospective buyers, or for personal enjoyment.

Decorative trim is the detailed design embossed into moulding that adds specific accents to a room. These distinct elements / patterns allow homeowners the opportunity to elevate a plain space while conforming to a budget. Rosettes, corner / plinth blocks, and other accessories are often used in conjunction with ornate mouldings.

Layered Moulding

You may create your own style by layering moulding products together to achieve a unique look that suits your preference.

  • Combine multiple mouldings as a way to define the scale of a large room

  • Enhance the character of a room with buildups for crown, chair rail, casing or baseboard

Guido offers a large selection of moulding styles and has a reputation of quality, service, and craftsmanship unparalleled in Texas.

Traditional Corner Blocks

These products provide a decorative and functional accent. Moulding can be installed with square cuts by simply butting the square end of the moulding to the side of the block or rosette.